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Want to Find Focus While You Do Your Homework? Try These Attention-Grabbing Ideas!

By AcademicAlly, LLC | February 12, 2024

You made it! Another day of school is behind you, and all you can think about is hopping onto a round of Fortnite with your friends or an exhilarating conversation on Snapchat. You bound into the house through the front door, grab a snack, and just as you are about to plant your can on…

Trying to Stay Focused in Class, but Not Succeeding? Try These 6 Surefire Focus Tips

By AcademicAlly, LLC | February 6, 2024

Picture this: You are sitting in class; it’s 1:15pm, and the minutes are just creeping by at a snail’s pace. Your foot starts to bounce, creating an undeniable regular tap-tap-tap from your direction. Your tush can’t sit still and begins to slide back and forth, which then invites your arms to join this quick restless…

Using the Power of Technology: 6 Common Sense Strategies Colleges Can Implement to Empower Students 

By AcademicAlly | January 23, 2024

College is like an amusement park. There are so many different rides and experiences to explore and barely enough time to get it all done. The social network is busted wide open with a whole new array of prospective acquaintances and friends to choose from. Vendors utilize enticing marketing to draw their new customers to…

Looking for Personal Success? 5 Reasons Why Separating Work and Play Spaces Improves Productivity

By AcademicAlly, LLC | January 23, 2024

In a land, not so far away, there once lived a student who thought his desk was a hybrid mix of a pop-up amusement park and a wild, west showdown. Spoiler alert: the ADHD villains arrived at the scene, wreaking havoc on the area, and the student’s learning rode off into the sunset. Enter the…

Are You Looking for Ways to Improve Your Productivity? Try Incorporating the Rule of Three into Your Daily Routine

By AcademicAlly | January 15, 2024

The number three is significant. There are the Three Amigos, Bee Gees, Three Musketeers, Jonas Brothers, Three’s Company, and Alvin and the Chipmunks, just to name a few. In sports we have three strikes and you’re out, three-peats, the Big Three, triathlons, 3-and-0, and Three and Out.  Did you know that the number three can…

From Base Camp to Victory: 5 Strategies for Conquering Your Personal Mountain

By AcademicAlly | January 8, 2024

With the arrival of a new year, we tend to pause and reflect on the past year-what did we do well, and how do we capitalize on these successes? Where did we fall short, and what steps can we take so we can grow from these disappointments? These periods of personal reflection are critical to…

5 Simple Ways Free Time with white background

5 Simple Ways Your Children Can Find and Feel Comfortable with Free Time

By AcademicAlly | December 12, 2023

Remember the “old days”? You know, when kids played outside, computers came in the form of futuristic androids like R2D2 and C3PO, and free time wasn’t so much of a luxury as it was an integral part of the day? Yes, there were ballet classes to run to, soccer practices and games, Boy Scouts and…

ADHD Friendly man walking on a road with trees on both side

Want to Have a Peaceful Winter Break?Try These ADHD-Friendly Strategies

By AcademicAlly | December 6, 2023

Winter is right around the corner, and even though they just enjoyed first long respite from school that comes with Thanksgiving weekend, it’s highly likely that your kids are already counting down the days until winter break arrives. This time of year brings with it a mix of emotions. There’s no school! Need I say…

A lot of gifts kept together with blue background

5 Lessons I Have Learned as an Academic Coach

By AcademicAlly | November 29, 2023

Kids are the best; there is just no refuting this fact. Every day, I am reminded of how amazing these young people are when I interact with them at my job, and after each session, I walk away feeling grateful for the opportunity to work with these amazing human beings who, as far as I…

A family is sitting on a couch watching tv.

5 Simple Ways to Establish a Solid Relationship with Your Children

By AcademicAlly | November 20, 2023

Do you ever feel like you just can’t say the right thing to your kid? Say one thing, and you’re being too nosey. Say another, and suddenly you’re too serious. And you can forget about the dumb wanna-be-cool-parent jokes….that’s the premiere way to publicly humiliate Junior! Parents have a lot of competition these days, and…