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AcademicAlly, LLC recognizes that each family is unique; each student learns differently; each college applicant has individualized dreams and aspirations for the future, and every individual copes with challenges in a distinctive way.

Since 1998, AcademicAlly, LLC has successfully guided students and their families through the process of overcoming the challenges that come with having a learning difference, ADHD, executive functioning challenges, or anxiety. Whether families are seeking academic coaching support, college admissions consultation, or preparation for the transition from high school to college, we strive to empower children and teenagers enabling them to become successful and confident individuals both at school and at home. By working closely with our clients, we identify their specific strengths and areas of need to provide customized programs for success. Our experienced team utilizes coaching strategies that enable our students to establish and master executive functioning and academic skills that will translate across their lifespan, enabling them to reach their full academic and personal potential.

Given the one-of-a-kind nature of each family, we strive to make our services accessible. In addition to meeting in an office space, all of our services can be offered in the convenience of your home or at a mutually-agreed-upon venue nearby.

AcademicAlly LLC Services

At AcademicAlly, we are always striving to meet the needs of our clients and their families. Many of you know that AcademicAlly specializes in academic coaching (which includes assistance with study skills, homework initiation and management, executive functioning strategies, test-taking strategies, and self-advocacy) and college admissions consulting services. But did you also know that we provide expert help with college students who are failing to thrive, educational advocacy support, test anxiety reduction, and reading support services with a certified Wilson Language reading coach?

If you or someone you know needs these services, call or email us today to schedule an appointment.


"We have had the good fortune of working with Hannah Bookbinder and Academic Ally for over 5 years. During that time, she and her team have worked with our oldest daughter as well as our son. She does an excellent job of assessing what is needed and providing the right person for the job. My daughter has been the beneficiary of support and guidance during the college search process as well as academic advice when it was clear that transferring to a different college was needed. My son is in high school and like many teenagers, can be skeptical of adult advice. He not only likes his coach but more importantly, he respects her. My son views his coach as an integral part of his academic success.

Bottom line - Being able to have a resource like Hannah and AcademicAlly has been invaluable to our family."

- Parent of two students

"When I was having a hard time defining my personal value in pursuit of a new career path, Hannah helped me learn how to appreciate the best parts of myself. She brought an exceptional blend of emotional intelligence and intellect to our sessions, and I found that regardless of the tangents my mind took me, she always understood the core of whatever message I was trying to convey. As an adult who was diagnosed with ADHD from a very young age, I have always found it hard to dig myself out of 'analysis paralysis'. Hannah helped me pull myself out of the grips of both internal and external pressures, and guide me along a path towards a clear cut, action oriented career plan, both short and long term, based uniquely on my unique skills, hopes, passions, and more. I would recommend Hannah to anyone who is looking for a new career, and is finding it difficult to develop their own personal plan for success."

- Former client looking for a new career path

"I want to give you a huge ‘thank you’.

One of the things that you discussed with our son was identifying the colleges to which he might apply. It was at your suggestion that his current university was added to his list. Long story short he selected the school AND he is thriving there. He has matured dramatically in the past 9 months or so, is looking after himself with very little input from me, and he loves being in the city.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. Something you said must have stuck with him, and he is now in the place he needs to be as a result. That would NEVER have happened if not for you."

- Parent of a student

Hannah Bookbinder and her staff at Academic Ally are a wonderful resource for our clients. We are child psychologists who conduct comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations. Academic Ally has been an invaluable referral option to offer to parents of students diagnosed with learning differences, executive function deficits or mental health challenges that might impact students’ educational experiences. We appreciate the comprehensive services that Hannah and her team provide to our clients to support them throughout their academic journey. She and her team offer a wonderfully collaborative approach to supporting their clients in order to include all those involved in a student’s educational experience. We at Childhood Solutions are grateful for the continued impressive feedback we receive regarding the quality and value of her consultation, tutoring and executive coaching services.

Dr. Mara Kaplan Kaliner, Child Psychologist

AcademicAlly, LLC was an asset to my child’s college admissions experience.  We knew he was not a strong test taker and he felt very anxious about the prospect of taking these exams.  The SAT coaches were able to address his concerns, simultaneously teaching him the tricks of successfully taking this exam.  He saw a significant increase in his scores as well as his self-confidence.  Thank you AcademicAlly, for partnering with our son!

Jess and Scott were great ACT coaches.  They taught me strategies that made it easier to understand how the exam works and their assignments, though demanding at times, were just what I needed to practice at home.  My scores increased by 6 points, which gave me more college options.